Article Abstract

The combination single CT scan for breast cancer staging and reconstruction

Authors: K. Skaria Alexander, Caroline Baker, Peter Smith, Damien Grinsell


Background: Computerised tomography (CT) scans are necessary for breast cancer staging. Abdominal based free flap breast reconstruction is aided by preoperative CT angiograms (CTA). However, this additional scan increases the radiation dose to the patient, uses valuable resources and may be an inconvenience to the patient.
Methods: We developed a new CT protocol that combined both the breast cancer staging CT with a CTA to look for suitable abdominal perforators for free flap reconstruction.
Results: This new protocol was used in 68 consecutive patients who were considered possible candidates for abdominal based breast reconstruction. The scan quality was excellent, with high consistency with intraoperative findings. There were no free flap failures.
Conclusions: We propose this novel combination CT scan for all patients who will be considered for breast cancer staging.