Prof. Omar Youssef: therapeutic mammaplasty: a new trend
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Prof. Omar Youssef: therapeutic mammaplasty: a new trend

Received: 02 December 2017; Accepted: 18 January 2018; Published: 19 March 2018.

doi: 10.21037/abs.2018.01.04

Expert Introduction

Prof. Omar Youssef is a surgical oncologist graduated from Kasr El Aini faculty of medicine, Cairo University, Egypt in 1993. He received his master degree in surgery in 1997 and pursuit his training, where he was trained as a fellow of surgery in the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery in the European institute of oncology under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Yves Petit, one of the pioneers of breast reconstruction in Europe. His subspecialty is oncoplastic breast surgery, with main research area in locally advanced breast cancer and breast reconstructive surgery. Prof. Omar Youssef is a member of many scientific societies, and currently he is the secretary general of Breast Surgery International (BSI).

Editor’s note

The 9th Shanghai Breast Reconstruction Forum on Oct. 18–19 was a great success. With the presence of prestigious local and foreign experts from fields of breast surgery, the meeting was dedicated to providing detailed live surgery demonstrations, comprehensive speeches and case reports on breast reconstruction.

During the conference, Prof. Omar Youssef, from National Cancer Institute, Cairo University, Egypt deeply impressed all the attendees with his exquisite surgery skills and presentation on Therapeutic Mammaplasty. Taking this opportunity, the Editorial Office of Annals of Breast Surgery was honored to do an interview with Prof. Youssef and invited him to share his experience in breast reconstruction research (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Photo with Prof. Youssef.

When talking about therapeutic mammaplasty, Prof. Youssef mentioned that it is a new trend in breast conservation surgery and a combination of plastic surgery techniques in the breast cancer patients. However, it is challenging in that the oncoplastic breast surgeon needs to remove the cancer and reshape patient’s breasts at the same time with good cosmetic results and oncological outcomes.

During the interview, Prof. Youssef shared with us that a therapeutic mammaplasty usually reduces the size of breast by removing both skin and breast tissue and is therefore most suitable if the patient has moderate to large breasts. It is no doubt that all surgery carries some element of risk. Prof. Youssef also referred to some common complications, such as bleeding, infection, etc., which are related to the improper chose of the technique or bad cosmetic outcome. Therefore, it is essential to think over and choose the proper technique in order to avoid these types of complications.

At the end of the interview, Prof. Youssef said that breast reconstruction has gained wide popularity and people’s concepts towards breast reconstruction has undergone tremendous changes. Compared to 20 years ago, the proportion of patients who undergone breast reconstruction for breast cancer has increased from almost 0% to 20%, which reflects the oncoplastic approach to breast therapy has become a useful and popular option for women with breast cancer and has been regarded as an integrated part of the treatment.

Let’s enjoy the video (Figure 2)!

Figure 2 Prof. Omar Youssef: therapeutic mammaplasty: a new trend (1). Available online:

Interview questions

  • During the meeting, you’ve given a speech on Therapeutic Mammaplasty. Could you share with us the technical skills when conducting this approach? What do you think is the challenge currently?
  • In which cases is the approach needed?
  • What are the common complications of Mammaplasty?
  • Could you talk a bit more about breast construction in Egypt?
  • Could you share one of the most interesting stories with us during your surgical career?




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doi: 10.21037/abs.2018.01.04
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